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And then this happened:

E. Jean Carroll says Elle declined to renew her contract for her column because of Trump's comments

Awful, awful, awful.

Still, I can't imagine that there aren't other magazines that would be thrilled to have E. Jean grace their pages. I hope they've been causing your phone to ring right off the hook, E. Jean!

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    This is why women don't often come forward. They run right into the brick wall that is the patriarchy and are vilified for the crime that was committed against them. This is why we need to keep fighting the good fight.

    And I hope your voicemail and email boxes are full of offers from magazines that deserve your talents!

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    I totally agree with you, Kal. I have subscribed to Elle magazine for years, but I find that lately I often read only Auntie E's column and nothing else. I thought maybe it was just me getting old, but in the latest issue, I was horrified to see "Mrs. Bieber" on the cover and even more horrified to find out that there was no E. Jean column. So. I'm not getting old and out of touch. The magazine is.

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    Time to cancel that subscription, Em!

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    I read about it at work yesterday and it stayed on my mind.
    This is horrifying, the magazine just did a very cruel dismissal. Ask E Jean was my favorite advice column and a very inspirational reading.
    I am feeling sad about this kind of behaviour.

    Stay strong, Ms E Jean! We support you!

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    Kal wrote: Time to cancel that subscription, Em!

    Oh yes. The subscription is cancelled now.

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    Am coming to this way too late, but need to add my love and support.

    You are better that that fashion magazine deserves, E., and I hope you find a soft and fabulously lucrative place to land.

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