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Hi all...

Have you seen the buzz swirling around the "yelp-for-people" app-in-development called Peeple? It's being treated as serious news in the Washington Post, on ABC, in Fortune magazine, and elsewhere. Here are some links if you haven't yet heard about it:

Washington Post

ABC News


So -- terrible idea, or *supremely* terrible idea?

Or -- just possibly -- is this "app" rollout some kind of massive not-very-funny attention-seeking prank?

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    "Positivity app" my butt. By and large, members of the Public at Large only say something when they are unhappy or upset - and they WILL find a way around the app constraints. So 99% of the reviews will be negative. The person who came up with this is either pathologically naive or incredibly stupid.

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    Many, many people -- myself included -- posted concerns on their Facebook page. all of our comments were deleted and we were all blocked.

    Eventually, the sheer number of comments became so overwhelming that the co-founders took to Twitter to ask how to stop people from commenting on their page.

    Prank or not, the app has already succeeded in what I think was its main purpose -- it got the co-founders a bucket ton of attention.

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    I heard about it via social media - what it's about and the concerns. One of the first things I read about it was that anyone can be rated, whether they have an account or not. Sounds like a burn book. LOTS of red flags. I think it's a total disaster waiting to happen and I don't see how it can make it. This morning, one of the founders posted an article on LinkedIn, defending the app and pretty much telling everyone their concerns are unfounded, saying it's only positive, after saying otherwise before. Then, I read it's not really for anyone but employers, so they can be matched with the best candidates. Someone else mentioned invasion of privacy and lawsuits and suicides and all NEGATIVE things that can only come of it. I agree with Robynne and Jill on all points. Are these women Mean Girls or just super naive? I think they're looking to tap into the lowest common denominator to bring in the bucks and attention.

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    I've read about it, it sounds horrible and it seems it attracts more and more attention which is what they seem to be after. Can they be reported to an authority to shut it down? Lawsuit?

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    I can't imagine who'd invest in this -- it seems like a magnet for lawsuits. And in terms of being a "positivity" app? This organization can't even keep up with the negative comments flooding their facebook page and twitter feed. How in the world would their app be any different?

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    I find the entire idea horrific.

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