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Does anyone else have this problem?

Now that I don't wear my tops skin tight, which is the style at the moment to wear baggy tops, I have this terrible dilemma.

For instance- right now I'm wearing a sports bra and a tank top. About 3 inches of cleavage is showing, and almost an inch of my sports bra. However the tank top is perfect in length and fits loose through the waist. The armpits are also wayyyy to large and you can almost see my waist from the side.

This top is for fun, but obviously would not be appropriate for work. I don't mind the low sides for my work out tops, but I HATE showing so much cleavage. Do I have short shoulders or something???

If I get a small or medium it fits fine up top, but either does not accommodate my boobs and/or it fits fitted through the waist and is not long enough. I don't want that since the style right now is to wear your tops very loose and long.



Anyone have a solution besides having to have a seamstress alter all of my tops?

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    I'd suggest looking on-line for sleeveless tunics without deep armholes and cleavage. I've seen them.

    You could also buy fabric in a contrasting or complementary colour and sew panels in where there is too much exposure. You wouldn't need a seamstress to do a simple fix like that.

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    I am *so* sorry. I meant to respond to this, but life got in the way.

    I have the same problem. I tend to buy "shells", rather than tank tops. Not the high-necked shells that one wears with pearls, but this kind ...

    That was such a horrible link that I had to create a tinyurl. It's macy's "Charter Club Top, Sleeveless Polished Layering Shell"

    Talbot's also has a great tank. But their big sale just ended, so I can't imagine how much they cost ...

    LL Bean and Lands' End sell full-coverage tanks, too. I know it's more $ ... just wait for the sales. Promise.

    PS - JCPenney is reputed to have the best "fair trade practices". I'm trying to spend money there, but some of their basics are lacking in color variety. I have found good, inexpensive shells there ... but the colors aren't really to my liking.

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