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Brazilian waxes.

Have y'all gotten them? I'm debating it because I'm quite sick of the upkeep and generally prefer the look. However, shaving to get the desired results is next to impossible and I'm not a contortionist so yeah.

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    I am not a fan of waxing because why would anyone voluntarily yank their small hairs out by the roots? I mean, OW!

    That said, the biggest thing is to make sure you go to a reputable salon, preferably one recommended by a trusted friend.

    I might also do a little Googling on the topic, because I'm sure there are lots of articles about it on the Interwebz.

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    I did it once.

    It hurt worse than I could have ever imagined. The ingrown hairs made my life hella uncomfortable.

    And ... the upkeep would have been expensive.

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